Treatments and Pricelist

AS***Guesthouse has a fully equipped physiotherapy room, where you can use treatments, under the supervision of qualified staff. We offer: physical therapy, kinetic therapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic massage.

Physiotherapy treatments pricelist Price
Consultation and advice
1.Consultation and advice of a physiotherapists specialist 50,00 zł
Medical massage treatments
2.Manual partial classical massage 50,00 zł
3.General manual classic massage 80,00 zł
Physiotherapy treatments
4.Medical electroplating 15,00 zł
5.Medicated iontophoresis of the drug ordered by a physician 15,00 zł
6.Treatment with currents: DD, ID, Tens, Kotz, Traebert 15,00 zł
7.Electrostimulation 20,00 zł
8.Infrared irradiation (Sollux) 10,00 zł
9.Laser biostimulation with points (max. 5 points) 20,00 zł
10.Treatment with ultrasound 10,00 zł
11.Ultrasonic treatment with segmental method 15,00 zł
12.Ultrasonic phoresis of the drug ordered by a physician 15,00 zł
13.Cryostimulation (thermogel) 10,00 zł
14.Treatment of pulsed low frequency magnetic field 20,00 zł
Kinesiotherapy treatments
15.Active exercises with the resistance (in the PUR cabin) 30,00 zł
16.Exercises with fitness equipment 10,00 zł
17.Special individual exercises 40,00 zł
18.Passive exercises 40,00 zł
19.Passive - active and assisted exercises 40,00 zł
20.General improving exercises 30,00 zł
Wellness & Spa
21.Swirl hydromassage with colortherapy 50,00 zł
22.Swirl hydromassage combined with pearl massage and colortherapy 60,00 zł
23.Pearl bath with colortherapy 50,00 zł
24.Manual underwater massage 70,00 zł
25.Finnish sauna 15,00 zł/os.
26.Fitness equipment (treadmill, ergometer, atlas) free of charge